After spending 20 years in the US Army with assignments that varied between Special Forces, to teaching at one of our War Colleges, to commanding a battalion of Soldiers in the 8th Infantry Division in Europe during the Cold War, to working for the Secretary of Defense in his Systems Analysis office, to spending a year in Vietnam, the author of these articles got tired of reading and listening to “the main stream media” only report one side of what it is like to be a Soldier. Sensationalism is the by-word of these reporters who must make a dead line. They have learned that the uglier the story, the one with the biggest hint of a scandal, the one that paints a leader in the worse position, this is the story that will most likely  make the front pages of the national newspapers and the six o’clock national evening news.

Unfortunately the general public never knows what it is like to be a Soldier, and they don’t understand the details of what military service entails. Their only point of reference is what they read or see.

The “Military View” provides the other side of that story. The articles you can read in this Web Site tell the stories of countless service men and women doing their everyday job. These men and women come from the Reserves, National Guard, and Active Force. Many of the non-active duty people written about have been called to active duty from their civilian jobs for multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other world-wide locations to fight in the Global War on Terror we were so suddenly thrust into on Sept 11, 2001. Many have lost their families and their jobs as they respond to the call of their country. Read about these everyday heroes and learn about the “real” side of what our warriors are like.

These articles have all been written by Jerry Hogan, a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel who lives in Heath, Texas. He volunteered to write the articles several years ago and they have been published on a weekly basis in newspapers such as the Dallas Morning News, the Rockwall County Herald Banner, the Clay County Advocate Press, the Royse City Herald Banner, and the Enterprise.

He can be reached at jerryhogan@sbcglobal.net or 214-394-4033.