So Why did McChrystal Do It?

There are all kinds of speculation in the main stream media about why four star General Stanley McChrystal allowed that Rolling Stones article to be written and then published which ultimately caused his firing as commander of our forces in Afghanistan and subsequent retirement from the US Army.

Our Greatest Generation

In the Iraqi war 4,000 of our service men and women have been killed in the seven years of the fighting. In the war in Afghanistan we lost 1,000 of our warriors in the eight years of that conflict. That’s a lot of American lives lost in the last eight years fighting this enemy of Islamic Jihadists who are intent of destroying Western civilization.

What's The Real Story Behind McCrystal's Firing

The day General Stanley McChrystal, the commander in Afghanistan, was being called back to Washington, DC, to meet with President Obama as a result of his comments in the Rolling Stone article; I continued to get the question “do I think he will be fired?” And my answer was very consistent.

A Young Man from Rowlett, Texas

Matt Covault, son of Denise Southard and Darryl Clark, graduated from Rowlett High School in 2006 and started work almost immediately at Baylor Medical Center in Garland.


For some strange reason President Obama “has no doubt…we will succeed in Afghanistan.” This is the message he gave to the military cadets graduating from West Point last month. Unfortunately the facts on the ground do not support this assessment.

Another Look at Memorial Day

As Memorial Day just finished and people have returned from the beaches and the lakes and the barbecues with friends and family, think a few moments for those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A Life Changing Experience

Jazmyne Shackelford, daughter of Derrick and Kristal Shackelford of Garland, Texas recently had a life-changing experience at DFW airport.

A Happy Airman from Rockwall

Kyle Delane, son of Joe Delane of Rockwall and Kandis Bailey of Sykesville, Maryland, enlisted in the US Air Force in July, 2008, for two reasons: “I joined for the education as the military offers great educational benefits, and also because I wanted to prepare myself for my future.

Remember This?

Remember what happened after 9/11 in terms of US forces engaging the enemy? The first thing we actually heard was when some of the newspapers started reporting on rather unconventional things happening in the country of Afghanistan.

You Make the Call

For the past several years there has been a national debate in this country about torture. It started in April of 2004 when the press reported on activities occurring in the US run Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. This prison had been established to house enemy combatants after US forces moved into Iraq in 2002 and in April of 2004 the story broke, accompanied by pictures, of the treatment of prisoners by some of the US guards.

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