RPG in the Hummer with Matt Phillips

On July 28 we reported here in the Herald Banner the story of Corporal Matt Phillips, a local US Marine serving in Iraq.

Phil Blackstone

Sergeant, move those two Humvee vehicles into a blocking position at the end of that street. Don’t let anything come through as we have a major IED (explosive device) identified adjacent to the road about 200 meters up the street. We’ll pull our tank across the road at this end and block any traffic coming from this way. Wait till the explosive ordnance guys get here to disarm the thing before we let any traffic through.

Matt Phillips

“Off and on, Phillips, its time to get moving!” (In Army terms this means “get off your dead rear end and get on your dying feet”). OK Sergeant, says Lance Corporal Matthew Phillips, US Marine Corps, another day in Ramadi, Iraq..a long way from Mesquite Poteet HS where he graduated in 2002.

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