Afghanistan.."It's Going to be Tough in Afghanistan Too"

Most of the headlines and most of the focus of the new Obama Administration, in terms of military matters, are on Afghanistan. The big political debate during the Presidential election concerning our military was how quickly we should get out of Iraq.

Active and Reserve Forces.."Active and Reserve..Both All Volunteer"

Many of the Soldiers from our area who have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan are part of the active Army. They are volunteers who have either enlisted in the service, or been commissioned as an officer through West Point or ROTC. They have generally committed a minimum of four years of their life to being in the military. Some continue in the service after their initial obligation is up and some leave to go on to a civilian job.

Medal of Honor..Let's Not Forget

There are some things in life that just should not be forgotten.

WWII..The B-17 Bomber

If you are a WWII veteran and you talk about the bombing raids in Europe during the war, you always talk about the “Flying Fortress”; the B-17 Bomber. 12,732 of these 4 engine planes were built between 1935-1945. The majority of these aircraft was operated by the 8th Air Force in Europe and flew countless missions from bases in England deep into enemy territory.

Sergeant Major.."From Army Brat to Sergeant Major"

During the 1991 Gulf War, a large coalition force from 30 nations, led by the United States and mandated by the United Nations, attacked through Kuwait and into Iraq with the task of liberating Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion of August 2, 1990. The build-up of this coalition force and the development of the battle plans started in the fall of 1990.

Iraq.."From the US to Germany to Iraq"

Usually when someone deploys to Iraq or Afghanistan, they either leave from the US as an individual replacement or they go as part of a unit being sent to one of the these locations. In some cases, units are deployed from an overseas location, such as Germany or Korea, directly to a combat zone. Occasionally someone will deploy directly from an overseas location, like Germany, to either Afghanistan or Iraq.

Kuwait.."5 Times He Went Back in the Military"

Men and women fighting in this Global War on terror are coming into the services through many different pathways.

Commentary.."The Threat is Still There"

As I am sure you have read by now, our emphasis on the war in Iraq is waning and the US is preparing to beef up its forces in Afghanistan. Debate still centers on why we were even in Iraq and many people think we took our eye off the ball when we switched our focus from Afghanistan to Iraq. History will probably be a better judge of our actions than the current debate on these issues.

Afghanistan.."Another View of What we are Doing in Afghanistan"

Lieutenant Hugh Parry, a friend of mine from Dallas has been in Afghanistan for the last seven months. And by being in Afghanistan, I mean he has been involved on almost a daily basis with combat actions against the Taliban forces rather than being a rear echelon staff officer.

Human Interest.."Four Friends and Their Relatives"

A couple of months ago, after one of the Military View articles was published, I received a note from one of our local teachers in the Rockwall Independent School District in which she talked about how timely it was that an article had been written about one of the servicemen who were relatives of four friends that are all teachers or in administration in RISD.

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