It Really Wasn't A Siummer Camp

Warrant Officer Jeremy Yoder, son of Glen Yoder of Peabody, Kansas, and Karen Millhorn of Rockwall, Texas, enlisted in the Kansas National Guard in 1991 while still in high school. As he said, “A couple of my friends started to talk to me about a “summer camp” that was set up like a military camp that we could go to in the summer. I signed up to go and it turned out to be Basic Training!” And that was the start of a successful military career that has taken him all over the world.

After entering the Army through the Guard, Jeremy started the training that had him specializing in Field Artillery. Two assignments in Korea, two in Iraq, with an upcoming rotation back to either Korea or Afghanistan, has kept him on the move. In 2006 he was selected for promotion to Warrant Officer and now is a Field Artillery Targeting expert assigned to Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Both of his tours in Iraq had him involved in unusual jobs. In the first deployment, he served as a captured enemy ammunition expert where his job was to indentify and safeguard the enemy munitions which were captured by the collation forces. The second time in-country, he was the leader of the radar section of a counter-mortar firing battery. Here his job was to locate incoming enemy mortar shells in the air with radar and then track back the projectile to the location where it was fired from so US artillery units could fire upon the enemy position and destroy the weapon. Fascinating technology and it really does work.

When I asked him what he would tell someone thinking about joining the service he said, “Be sure and consider all the jobs that are available when you join and then pick the one that will best suit what you are looking for in the service. There are lots of educational opportunities available to each Soldier and the military is a good way to further your education as well as serve your country. Just be sure you really want to be in the military as it is not the same as being a civilian.”

Warrant Officer Yoder is currently  stationed at Fort Sill with his wife and  two children.

Jerry Hogan is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel who volunteers to write these articles. He can be reached at or 214-394-4033. His web site is