Another Home Town Hero

James Dyke, son of Jeff and Sandra Rief of Quinlan, Texas, graduated from Royse City High School in June of 2006 and immediately left for US Marine Corps Boot Camp. Why? Because, as he said, “I wanted to be in the military since I was a little kid. I went to see the Army recruiter my junior year of high school however he wasn’t in his office but the Navy recruiter was. After he gave me his spiel, it sounded like what I wanted to do so I joined the Navy under the Delayed Entry Program. After six months of this, I found out the job I wanted to do was not in the Navy, so I went and talked with a Marine Corps recruiter. He arranged for me to transfer to the USMC in exactly the job I wanted and that is how I ended up going to Boot Camp rather than Naval training at Great Lakes in Chicago.”

After Boot Camp, Marine Combat Training school, and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) School where he was trained on his primary job in the Marines, James was deployed to Okinawa where he spent the next two years. Then it was back to 29 Palms (that Marine Corps base in California located adjacent to the Mohave Desert) where he received additional training to become a flight line refueling specialist.

When asked if the military was what he thought it would be, James responded, “The military has done great things for me. You can ask my parents and everyone I have ever met and they would tell you I am a better person all around. I’ve done more things in the military than I ever could have imagined pushing myself to do outside of the Marines. I would tell anyone to join, especially young men who want to do something with their lives. Personally I think it would be great if every young man had the opportunity to spend two years in the service. The discipline and life skills the military provides are unmatched and unbelievable.”

James reenlisted for another four years in the Marines last December. During his first enlistment he married Tatum Prock of Wills Point, Texas, and they now have a little daughter, Peyton.

Here is another example of a home town young man who is dedicating his life to defending our freedoms and our way of life. Please tell him and all of his fellow service men and women “Thanks” when you get a chance.

Jerry Hogan is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel who volunteers to write these articles. He can be reached at or 214-394-4033. His web site is