Or How Would You?

Jeffery Cook, husband of Jammie Renee Summers of Rockwall, son of William and Jacqueline Cartwright of Garland, and brother of Keith Cook of Fate, joined the US Navy thirteen years ago. Since then, while in the Navy, he has received his AS in Public Health at American Military University, will receive his BS in May of next year, and is scheduled to receive his MBA in Health Care Management in May of 2012.

Chief Petty Officer Cook is a Hospital Corpsman currently assigned in San Diego where he is responsible for the medical readiness of fourteen Mine Countermeasures ships stationed in the US, Japan, and Bahrain. But look what else he has done as a young man in the service of his country. How would you like to be on a ship deployed to the Persian Gulf during Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom and be the only medical person on board responsible for the medical needs of 84 people? He was. Or how would you like to be part of the team that worked with the survivors of the USS Cole bombing in 2000? He was. Or how would you like being assigned to Guantanamo Bay Cuba after 9-11 to help with the establishment of that facility? He was. Or how would you like to go back to Guantanamo Bay and support the detainee operations for both Iraq and Afghanistan? He did.

So what does he think about his service and the job he has been asked to do? Let him tell you. “Recently I was traveling to Bahrain and was in a foreign airport awaiting my next connecting flight. I had struck up a conversation with a couple of people who were thanking me for my service. This may seem normal if I was in uniform and sitting in DFW airport. But I was in Frankfurt, Germany and the people who were thanking me were a man who immigrated from India and a woman who had emigrated from Turkey. I feel honored and privileged to serve our country, so I would ask all of you to continue to support the world’s greatest military service members. They are our husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and friends. Please also continue to support the military families in your communities because without them, our service members could not do the mission of defending our country.”

How well said.

Jerry Hogan is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel from Heath, Texas, who volunteers to write this article.