About the Author

 Jerry Hogan

Jerry Hogan is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and former Vice President of MCI Telecommunications. While on active duty in the Army he taught at the Naval War College, worked for the Secretary of Defense in his Systems Analysis office, spent three years in the US Army Green Berets 10th Special Forces in Europe, was promoted ahead of his contemporaries to Lieutenant Colonel and was on the promotion list to Colonel when he retired after serving 20 years in the US Army. He is a Master Parachutist, served in Vietnam during that war, and commanded a Battalion of 800 Soldiers in the 8th Infantry Division in Europe during the Cold War.

Leaving the service Mr. Hogan became a Vice President in an IBM owned company and then a Vice President in MCI Telecommunications. While in MCI, he was responsible for one of their Regional Operations organizations, then for the Network Design and Engineering of the Network, followed by the Construction of the domestic network. While in the Network Design position, he also was responsible for the engineering of the International Network as well as the data network. While in this capacity he interfaced with governments of most of the countries where MCI had a presence. He spent considerable time in South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. During these visits he met and negotiated with national officials on a variety of telecommunications issues.

Mr. Hogan currently volunteers to write a weekly column for five newspapers entitled “The Military View” where he describes the actions and experiences of servicemen and women who are currently fighting in this Global War on Terror. He also is a frequent speaker at local organizations on a variety of subjects.  He also volunteers to teach “Current Events” that are happening throughout the world at several organizations in the Dallas, Texas, area. In his presentations on current events, Mr. Hogan focuses on the relevant history and background that lead up to the events making headlines in the world. His emphasis is why the events happen as well as the consequences of the actions.

Because of his writings and lecturing, Mr. Hogan maintains his personal contact with many decision makers in both government and industry as well as with servicemen and women of all branches of the Service. He has written many articles about our service men and women and their activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is particularly focused on the sacrifices these men and women and their families must make as they fight this continuing battle.

Mr. Hogan lives in Heath, Texas, which is right outside Dallas, Texas. His email is jerryhogan@sbcglobal.net and he can be reached at 214-394-4033. You are welcome to use any of the articles on this Web Site in any manner that you wish. Please forward them to all of your interested friends and invite them to also do with them as they wish. If you make any money off of any of them, please give it to a Soldier or his family!